Day of the Daleks

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  • Why does someone who supposedly requires security have unlocked french windows on his ground floor office? Surely it would make more sense to work from a higher floor.
  • The orange CSO effect which acts as the background to the future Doctor and Jo seems to be permanent - still in effect when the Brigadier enters.
  • Why is it always the Chinese delegation which causes problems? Same happens in The Mind of Evil.
  • Special 'effect' of the Controller's chair is cringeworthy, he clearly has to move it with his heels.
  • Banter between the Doctor and the Brigadier is excellent in this, and they work well as a team.
  • Dalek voices are rubbish, sound like they have a sore throat.
  • Dalek 'reveal' is terrible, no build up, no suspense, not even a cliffhanger. Admittedly the title gives away the main enemy but The Tomb of the Cybermen does a better job.
  • Both Benton and Yates are prepared to drink red wine whilst on duty, surely a court-martial offence?
  • 'Rank has its privileges' is a great line from Yates.
  • We know the Doctor and Jo can be so much better than this.
  • Why do the rebels wait until it's light (episode 1)? Surely going under cover of darkness would be better?
  • UNIT guards are inept at security - rebels go across the huge flat grounds with little cover without being noticed.
  • Fairly poor cliffhanger at the end of episode 1. The Daleks are shouting 'exterminate' without anyone there to be threatened. Doctor's execution by the rebels would have made a better cliffhanger.
  • Why does the Controller sometimes go into the Dalek room and sometimes use the video link?
  • Why does Benton think the missing soldiers might be in the house? Can he not radio them?
  • Rebels do a poor job of tying up the Doctor, by the time they finish his feet he's almost freed his hands.
  • Why don't Benton and Yates search the cellar for Doctor and Jo? Surely it can't take that long to search a house for people - a quick glance would suffice for most rooms.
  • The Doctor appears to have no qualms with picking up a gun and killing an Ogron.
  • Why does the rebel spy contact his friends from within the prison? Surely he knows that he risks being monitored and caught?
  • Why do none of the guards at the factory have guns? It would be fairly easy for the prisoners to overwhelm them, and pistols would be ineffective against Daleks if the guards decided to switch sides.
  • Controller's death is awful, especially for such a prominent character.
  • Daleks approach the house with Ogrons in a tight formation - one well-aimed mortar shell could have finished them off.


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