Captain Mainwaring

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Captain Mainwaring is the commander of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon in Dad's Army.

Although often overzealous and jingoistic, Mainwaring has an unwavering committment to defending his home town, and Britain in general, from the Germans. Despite his faults, he is portrayed sympathetically, and is prepared to put himself in danger to protect others.

Relationships with platoon members

Overall, Mainwaring has a good relationship with the men under his command, and whilst some of them occasionally undermine his authority, they are all loyal to him in the end.

  • Private Frazer: Often attempts to undermine Mainwaring and thinks he would make a better leader. In If the Cap Fits..., Mainwaring finally loses patience and allows Frazer to temporarily take command of the unit, which results in Jones' resignation and a collapse of morale for several other members. However, in the most serious circumstances, Frazer backs Mainwaring, and refuses to leave him in Something Nasty in the Vault, despite a direct order to evacuate the bank.
  • Private Walker: Runs black market activities which Mainwaring disapproves of, but occasionally uses for the benefit of himself (e.g. obtaining whisky) or the platoon. Although Walker comes out with occasional remarks and jokes which appear to undermine Mainwaring's authority, he backs his leader when it counts, including helping to get his commission and getting off charges of leaving a light showing during a blackout.